Our Story

Our story started on a seemingly ordinary day in a college dorm-room at New York University (NYU). Our Founder and President, Sindhura Sarikonda, watched the documentary “The Day My God Died” and there began the spark that created Sanlaap North America. She watched, in horror, as girls as young as 7 described being kidnapped, sold, beaten, and raped. The documentary kick-started a passion in Sindhura that had her researching and discovering the heinous truths about human trafficking. Amongst the facts she learned, such as India’s brothels holding over a million girls captive, Sindhura found the most disconcerting to be that this immense human rights atrocity was largely ignored. It was that day that she decided that she needed to do her part and join the fight against human trafficking. After a year of preparation and research, Sindhura partnered with Sanlaap India and founded Sanlaap North America. Sanlaap India’s founder, Indrani Sinha, provided a wealth of knowledge about human trafficking and survivor needs during the inception stage of SNA. SNA has grown tremendously since 2010, but Sanlaap India continues to be a vital partner. Today, SNA is a rapidly growing and successful non-profit with 42 volunteers, over 1000 donors, and 4 partner organizations. 

Awards & Recognition

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