We fight trafficking in two ways. The first is a direct impact initiative that involves providing shelter, education, and medical rehabilitation for girls we rescue from brothels. Our second approach, a very important one, is raising awareness on the issue and encouraging those around us to take action. Below you’ll find the projects that we are working on this year and please, don’t hesitate to email us if you have any questions—we would love to hear from you!

Our Projects

Project Rehabilitation

We provide food, shelter, medical care and education for 186 girls who were rescued from the Red Light Districts of India, Nepal and Myanmar. In addition to providing basic necessities, our shelter specifically focuses on vocational training and economic rehabilitation. Since inception, we’ve rescued and sheltered over 300 victims of trafficking.

Education & Employment

Our education and employment program, Zesa, teaches design and life skills to trafficking survivors and girls in high-risk communities. Graduates are employed by Zesa to handcraft goods for sale and 100% of the profits are used to fund education and shelter expenses, thereby creating a self-sustaining organization. Through Zesa, we’ve educated and employed approximately 1,200 girls. Find out more at www.zesa.org.

Project Voice

There are 1.2 million young, helpless girls in India’s brothels that suffer in silence each day. We want to be their voice and spread the story of the abuse and injustice they face. Our goal this year is to speak at 12 major universities and organizations. Since inception, we’ve reached over 7000 people across 40+ countries.